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Anderson Removals provide All or Part Packing Services For Moving Home. Our rule for transporting our client’s belongings is that before loading your personal items onto one of our removals vehicles, all small, non-furniture items must be packed into strong corrugated boxes.

This includes all loose items such as lamps, pictures, ornaments, books, and the likes. It also includes items found in your, drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and wardrobes. We usually say – if it can fit in a box, it goes in a box.

Even the small one-bedroom flats can easily require 30 plus packing boxes and larger homes need many, many more. Please remember that packing up a home is a very time-consuming job and it’s easy to underestimate the time needed and the number of boxes required. Always start as early as you can and pack room by room.

If you prefer to do pack your own items then we are only too happy to help and supply you with all the materials you’ll need. These include corrugated boxes, wrapping paper, tissue, bubble wrap, and anything that you need, all at an affordable price.

Anderson removals also offer dismantling and re-assembly service for all your larger items and furniture should you need the help.

Tables, sofas, chairs, mattresses, and cabinets etc, will be wrapped in our special quilted moving blankets and we have specialist covers for large flat-screened televisions, as well as wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

With our part packing services, we’ll take care of packing all of your delicate and fragile items, leaving you to pack up your own non-breakable items. All our vehicles at Anderson removals carry transit blankets and other specialized covers, which we use to protect all of your personal items when loaded onto our removal vans or storage containers.

With our full packing services, you can leave your home just as it is and let us take care of packing everything for you. Every box will be labelled with contents and room, allowing for easy unpacking at your new home.

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Seeking Packing assistance? Look no further!

Connect with us 24/7 to discuss your unique requirements, and we’ll promptly furnish you with a complimentary quote. Whether you need moving supplies delivered or packing assistance, we have you covered. You can opt to book these services separately or bundle them with our removals service options. If you require extra help with fragile items, our partial packing service is at your disposal. The pricing is calculated per box and will be incorporated into your final quote.

Packing and unpacking can be overwhelming and stressful, but fret not! Let us take this burden off your shoulders. If you have specific instructions, just inform us, and we’ll take care of it.

At Anderson Removals, we prioritize using high-quality and eco-friendly cardboard boxes in various sizes, along with a diverse range of other packaging materials. We have bubble wrap, clear film wrap, brown moving wrapping paper and of course vinyl tape, we can deliver all the necessary packing materials to your doorstep. We can even provide specialized packing materials for delicate items like pianos.

Unpacking and organizing your belongings at your new address can be a breeze when everything is neatly packed and labelled. However, if you’re short on time, you can trust our removal specialists to handle it for you. We’re available to serve you all week long, including weekends and holidays. Check out our prices and availability to schedule your house removals service, and you may even benefit from same-day or next-day service due to our efficient operations.

Rest assured, our packers use the right materials and techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings. If our movers have packed your items and any damage occurs during transportation, the customer is eligible for compensation. Bonus tip: streamline your packing process by sorting items according to the rooms they belong to. Avoid mixing items from different rooms, as it can slow down the packing and moving process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my own packing materials, boxes, and clothes? A: Of course you can, but we always recommend using our quality packaging materials that we can provide that we source from reliable suppliers. We cannot be held responsible for damages if old boxes or improvised materials are used.

Q: Does the packing service come with insurance? A: Absolutely! If we pack your belongings, they will be fully insured during the loading, transportation, and unloading process. Our standard “goods in transit” insurance covers up to £25,000, but higher insurance can be arranged upon request.

Q: How far in advance should I book the packing service before moving day? A: The timeframe depends on the size of your property. We prefer having enough time to account for unforeseen events during the preparation stage of your relocation. However, for smaller moves, packing can be done on the same day as loading, including overnight removals.

Q: Do I need to book the packing service at the same time as ordering removals boxes? A: If you want us to pack your belongings, we will include the moving boxes delivery in your quote. However, don’t forget that you could always book our packing service in addition to removals services.

At Anderson Removals our Packing Service uses the latest purpose made materials so that your belongings get the safest possible journey to your new home. Packing a household of items up for relocating to a new property is a specialist skill. This is why we always recommend that you leave it to our professional staff. This will give you peace of mind and all your items are fully insured during the packing and moving process.

Our fully trained staff wrap every item and piece of furniture individually. All your furniture upholstery will be protected with individual covers and we can pack all of your clothes into our purpose made portable cardboard wardrobe boxes. Particularly delicate items will be packed into specially made timber cases, and all parcels and packages are clearly marked with the room that they were in or the room into which they are to go, in the new property. This means that you won’t arrive at your new home with a kitchen full of garden tools and a garage full of kitchen utensils.

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